Laura (Mole) Chapman

As director of EQuality Training, I have sought to create a vibrant company that celebrates the positive and possible. As an experienced educationalist, researcher, and author; I draw not only on extensive knowledge, but also individual experience and professional wisdom to give insights into matters of equality, equity and accountability.

I help teams think about their culture and their language, in order to promote the well-being of people and their skills. Past clients include police services, social services, children’s directorates, the NHS, ‘early years’ services, nurseries, schools and colleges.

I will help you identify the elements that you need for your training course. I offer a variety of programmes, each tailored to the needs of individual delegate groups. Where required, I will be pleased to develop an entirely new programme to address specific issues and interests.

I have 2 decades of learning and experience in working with all sectors. In education, for example, I have delivered a wide variety of programmes to match the needs of a wide variety of teams. Group facilitation within universities, colleges, schools and early years settings. These supported conversations have helped all involved enhance the learning experience of all learners by developing strategies that aim to address those most marginalised. Both participation and wellbeing are raised when organisations tackle barriers and develop informed strategies that embed equality.