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EQuality Training
81 New Laithe Hill,
West Yorkshire,
HD4 6RF.

Tel: 01484 530 321

Mobile: 07737 925 573



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Laura (Mole) Chapman

EQuality Training Partners:
Jackie Dearden
John West-Burnham
Ian Lawson

Laura (Mole) Chapman – Director

Laura is an outstanding speaker / facilitator who brings humour and masses of energy to the learning environment. As director of EQuality Training, she has sought to create a vibrant company that celebrates the positive and possible. Laura is an experienced educationalist, researcher, and author; she draws not only on her extensive knowledge, but also on real life to give refreshing and remarkable insights into the entire equality arena. She prides herself on her excellent relationships with clients, many of whom return year after year and speak of her fondly and with pleasure.

Having faced oppression and discrimination throughout her life, Laura has a uniquely personal understanding of the issues surrounding inequality. She has a personal insight into the barriers presented by society on marginalised groups, and a profound understanding of the theory and legislation that affect the cultural landscape. It is this blend of experience and expertise that gives her the capacity to enable solutions that are both different and achievable.

Laura lived in France for many of her formative years. This has endowed her with a passionate and spirited approach to living and learning and a vigorous enthusiasm for lively debate, fine foods and wine – life’s great pleasures! It has also given her the advantage of being proud and unashamed of the gifts she brings to others, and a direct approach in all matters – qualities that have proved invaluable throughout her working life.

EQuality Training Partners:

Jackie Dearden Jackie Dearden:
Jackie has been our partner for many years. Together we have delivered countless workshops and keynotes speeches. Her professionalism and generosity has added to EQuality Training’s success, as her contributions to both delivery and programme development have been invaluable.

Jackie is an independent education consultant, who works nationally as a facilitator, consultant and practitioner with a range of colleagues nationally. She is a qualified educational psychologist and works as a senior educational psychologist in Nottingham City, with responsibility for children and young people in public care. In 2005 she gained a doctorate in applied psychology with the University of Nottingham. She is currently an Senior Educational Psychologist with Nottingham City Community Educational Psychology Service. Her current interests include action research (especially in relation to challenging assumptions and improving practice for young people with severe communication impairments), graphic facilitation processes and effective inclusive practice.
Read more: www.jackiedearden.co.uk

John West-Burnham John West-Burnham: www.johnwest-burnham.co.uk
John has supported our work and generously created opportunities for it to reach a wider audience at leadership level – particularly on the themes of equality, equity and social justice. We are indebted to his active participation and support in our work in the area relating to educational transformation. Our ongoing collaboration provides us with both the strength and integrity that enable our new ideas to break new ground and challenge all audiences.

John works as a teacher, writer and consultant in leadership development. John worked in schools, further and adult education for fifteen years before moving into higher education. He has held posts in five universities and is currently Visiting Professor of Educational leadership at Queens University, Belfast and the University of Bristol. He is author of Managing Quality in Schools, co-author of Systems Leadership; Spiritual and moral development in schools; Schools and Communities; Personalizing Learning: Making Every Child Matter, Effective Learning in Schools, Leadership and Professional Development in Schools and co-editor of Performance Management in Schools, Educational Leadership and the Community, The Handbook of Educational Leadership and Management and 14 other books and over 30 articles and chapters.

Ian Lawson Ian Lawson:
Ian has become a trusted colleague, besides our work with the Work Foundation, he has supported and created opportunities for our work in numerous ways. We are indebted to his continual ability to invest in our relationship, enabling the mutual development without which our company would be ultimately poorer.

Ian Lawson is Business Development Director for leadership at The Work Foundation. He has written four books on leadership and aspects of people management and is on the editorial board of the journal of public sector leadership and is a board member of the British Army Leadership Training School. www.theworkfoundation.com