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EQuality Training is an innovative, vibrant company that designs and delivers tailored training in equality & diversity, inclusive practice and leadership.

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Our enjoyable programme shows you simple steps to ensure all people are fully respected and accommodated as equal members of the community and the organisation. Participants will discover that rather than being a legal nightmare, meeting Equality & Diversity requirements is an exciting challenge and a welcome tool for positive and beneficial change.

Over the years I have created and developed a wealth of training materials, manuals, websites, think pieces and videos to make learning fun. As a highly skilled practitioner, advisor and programme facilitator, it’s a pleasure to be able to share these with you.

The blog complements the facilitated conversations, and relates to addressing equality, diversity and inclusive practice in the workplace. It explores ideas that are not always given time in busy working days. It [will] provide professionals with insights and current thinking in the field.

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