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EQuality Training;
a different approach to better practice

At EQuality Training, we have extensive experience in working with the public sector. Mostly in education, we have delivered a wide variety of programmes to match the needs of a wide variety of teams. Group facilitation within colleges, schools and early years settings, helps people enhance the learning experience by increasing inclusive practice. Both standards and wellbeing are raised when organisations tackle barriers to participation and develop informed strategies that embed equality.

We explore your needs in detail, develop a sound understanding of your organisation and create the right blend of programme elements to deliver the outcomes you need.

We also within commerce and industry to enable everyone’s skills to be better used in the workplace. Equality Training works at every level within organisations to enable effective change and proactive practice.

Recent Work
EQuality Training was delighted to produce an Inclusion Quality Standard for Bradford Department of Services to Children and Young People. This self-evaluation course will enable managers and practitioners to develop their inclusive practice in play work. We enjoy a good relationship with Bradford and have delivered Disability Equality Training in Play and Learning to a wide audience across Bradford and West Yorkshire.

We have also recently delivered Equality and Diversity training to practitioners from the Rotherham Pre-school Learning Alliance, these audiences comprised childminders, early years workers and play workers.

In Darlington we were invited to contribute to a Leadership Programme for head teachers on Happiness and Educational purpose. The session addressed personalized learning and community participation. By increasing choice and control within the learning environment learners wellbeing can be positively influenced to enable intelligence development and ongoing success.

We delivered a conference keynote for Plymouth Early Years Portage, the theme was the role of Happiness in learning and play. How understanding of Equality & Diversity theory underpins wellbeing theory to support better development and life chances. The audience were portage workers, parents, councillors and cross-agency professionals.

In Sandwell we delivered Leading on Inclusion – our flagship programme on the Values underpinning Inclusive practice, which gave participants a thorough appreciation of diversity issues. By looking at the cultural landscape of different communities, they developed a shared understanding of inclusive practice. Participants devised practical ways of strengthening relationships to gain greater involvement, and gained skills and confidence in understanding individual responses.

  Disability Equality Training - Children's Services Training
“The delivery of the course excellent tutors brilliant! Useful for multi agency networking and developing cross team responses towards Inclusive practice. Excellent day with inspirational trainers who challenged people's views in a positive and fun way. I have learnt a lot and feel more confident to challenge others attitudes. Both trainers delivered in an excellent manner and gave good opportunities to develop your own reflective practice. Very informative and enjoyable day. Very good atmosphere.”

Equality & Wellbeing – Bradford Children's Centre Training
“EQuality training helped me understand the long-term impact of wellbeing, the importance of praising effort, and challenging our practice. I'll be more aware of what's important to the children I work with.”

Equality and Every Child Matters – Workshop
“I gained clarity on the definitions that make up wellbeing, so I feel more comfortable in practice as a result.”

Inclusive Practice - Keynote
"I wanted to thank you for your massive contribution to our conference. The day was a real success – due in no small part to your contribution. Many of the evaluations singled you out as ‘inspirational' and many others clearly enjoyed your workshops too. You were great! Perhaps the thing that may please you most is that one of the Children's Centre managers spoke to me and said that she felt they really had to address to employment issue. She would be raising it in the management meetings until she felt that they had addressed the issue that you raised. Thanks again Mole!”

Equality Training for Cloverleaf Advocacy
“The trainers were funny, witty, interesting and passionate about their subject in all the right places. Best training I've been on for a long time. Your style of delivery not only inspires me, but also challenges me in a very positive way. You obviously know your stuff! I like the way you encouraged me to talk openly. I'm sure that many more discussions will take place with my colleagues. I will walk through life using new eyes to look at the world - this training will impact on my personal development for years.”

Inclusive practice – Keynote
“Your contribution set the tone for the whole conference which was a great success. The evaluations were extremely positive. One person wrote that you were 'an inspiration'”

Disability Equality Training - Workshop
“I have been surprised by how much this course has affected me. It has really made me question my attitude and to be truthful it has shocked me by the realisation that I have not fully appreciated the experience of people and to what extent they are disabled by society. Great exercises, especially the language session.”