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  Equality and Diversity Disability Equality
Inclusive Play  
  Equality and Diversity Update Training
Leading on Equality and Diversity
Inclusive Practice
  Leading on Inclusion
Legislative Aspects of Childcare
Employment Rights and Responsibilities
  Happiness and Learning
Equity and Wellbeing
Enhanced Learning
  Equality Policy and Procedures Community Work

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  Equality and Diversity  

Main Topics

Respectful language

Stereotypes and prejudice

Understanding equality

Community context

Strategies to tackle discrimination

Equality of outcome

EQuality Training - Equality and Diversity Programme PDF Equality and Diversity

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Our enjoyable programme shows you simple steps to ensure all people are fully respected and accommodated as equal members of the community and the organisation. Participants will discover that rather than being a legal nightmare, meeting Equality & Diversity requirements is an exciting challenge and a welcome tool for positive and beneficial change.

• Become familiar with some of the definitions of Equality & Diversity

• Create a workable policy, including the legislative context and the impact this has on the workplace

• Be familiar with ideas governing the statutory government guidance, and its impact on practice

• Cascade this information to others

• Produce action plans with strategies that build capacity and promote resilience

  Disability Equality  
  Main Topics

Respectful language

Social/Medical Models

Understanding the legislation

Identifying barriers to participation

Strategies for action

EQuality Training - Disability Equality Programme PDF Disability Equality

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An inspiring day that helps participants gain a clearer understanding of disability equality, and what it means to become an ally. It will help to embed equality issues already considered in the context of good practice, by looking for ways of accommodating difference in practice.

• Adapt your service opportunities and develop your good practice

• Understand disability as a social oppression

• Know the legislative implications

• Be confident that your language and behaviour is respectful

• Gain a deeper understanding of core values surrounding equality

• Take the opportunity to reflect on professional attitudes and behaviour towards others

  Inclusive Play  
  Main Topics

Assumptions and values of play

Legislative overview

Principles of inclusive practice


Good practice

Family Partnerships

EQuality Training - Inclusive Play Programme PDF Inclusive Play

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Inclusive play supports good development and social cohesion therefore should be a priority for all those working with children. A personalised framework supports inclusive play which is of benefit to all children’s growth and wellbeing.

• Reinforce your good practice with the most up-to-date guidelines

• Manage risk to enhance participation

• Share good practice and take time to develop new ideas

• Improve your inclusive practice by understanding the rights of all children

• Know your responsibilities

• Gain new strategies to improve your family partnerships

  Equality and Diversity Update Training  
  Main Topics

Review definitions and legislation

Share practice change

Re-assess consequent outcomes

Review practice and policy cycle

Redefine Action Plan

EQuality Training - Equality and Diversity Update Training Programme PDF Equality and Diversity
     Update Training

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With an opportunity to review ideas from more basic courses, we offer a day of
reflective review of policy and practice, refreshing knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity legislation and changes in practice. With a view to embed ideas, specific to their own organisations, delegates review the effectiveness of their new policy documents with respect to current practice and produce action plans for further development.

• Refresh your knowledge of equality and diversity legislation

• Identify practice change resulting from previous training

• Share successful strategies that have had a positive impact on practice

• Take the opportunity to reflect on changes to professional attitudes and behaviour towards others

• Update and improve the effectiveness of your policies

• Produce changes that are sustainable
  Leading on Equality and Diversity  
  Main Topics

Management and Leadership

Reaching marginalised groups

Shared capacity

Creating a climate of trust

Equality of opportunity

EQuality Training - Equality and Diversity Programme PDF
Leading on Equality and Diversity

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Developed specifically for senior managers and participants seeking further development opportunities, this programme offers a step by step model that enables any organisation to build richer participation.

At the heart of shared leadership is a need to understand it as collective capacity, not as personal role or status. This programme calls for people to defeat discrimination by increasing interaction with marginalised groups to strengthen their voice and decision-making power. (see ‘Hard to Hear’ document)

• Improve your understanding of shared leadership

• Have clearer thinking about provision, participation and choice for all

• Reflect on personal meanings of equality and determine strategies to tackle discrimination

• Understand systematic discrimination and accepted harassment

• Encourage the full and equal participation of all individuals

• Provide ways to promote positive change in how we work

  Inclusive practice  
  Main Topics

An intentional welcome

Hard to hear groups

Every Child Matters and code of practice

Identifying barriers

Action planning

Developing confidence

Working with parents

EQuality Training - Equality and Diversity Programme PDF Inclusive practice

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All mainstream practice needs to change in order to ensure equality of opportunity for all. Understanding inclusive practice is fundamental to the good practice within any organisation. Furthermore, inclusive practice is a right to which we are all entitled, and one that providers have a responsibility to make happen.

• Discover ways to extend your welcome to the wider community

• Explore the core values of inclusion

• Understand the language and behaviour that supports inclusive practice

• Work with tools for better dialogue

• Take the opportunity to reflect on language, attitudes and behaviour

• Find strategies that develop capacity and resilience

• Create an inclusion policy based on government guidelines

• Plan achievable next steps for positive change
  Leading on Inclusion  
  Main Topics

Definition of Inclusive Practice

Leadership and Management

Shared capacity

Promoting confidence

Challenging discrimination

Family partnerships

Collaborative decision making

EQuality Training - Leading on Inclusion Programme PDF Leading on Inclusion

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Developed specifically for senior managers and participants seeking further development opportunities, this programme offers a step by step model that enables any organisation develop greater involvement in reaching shared goals.

Inclusive practice affects the hearts and minds of all. Leading on Inclusion supports shared responsibility and provides a framework for change which promotes the personal responsibility of all individuals in their work.

• Increase your knowledge and expertise

• Understand what good practice is all about

• Challenge stereotypes and prejudice

• Develop your leadership skills

• Create changes to improve lives

• Inspire your team to work collaboratively

• Build on good practice within your organisation

• Realise how to raise standards without increasing workload
  Legislative Aspects of Childcare  
  Main Topics

The Disability Discrimination Act

The SEN Code of Practice

Every Child Matters

The Children’s Strategy

The Good Childhood Inquiry

Policy and procedure

EQuality Training - Legislative Aspects of Childcare Programme PDF Legislative Aspects of Childcare

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At the heart of all recent legislation, is an imperative to tackle the inequality of opportunity in our organisations. The aim is for a more personalised and flexible service for all children. This session gives a step-by-step tour of these important and compulsory legislations and leads to a secure understanding of the roots of all equality policies and procedures.

• Be more confident in your practice

• Understand the core values behind the legislation

• Apply your understanding of the ECM and SEN code of practice to your practice

• Understand the meaning of ‘reasonable adjustments’

• Review and improve your equality policies
  Employment Rights and Responsibilities  
  Main Topics

Equality of opportunity

Understanding diversity

Duties and flexible working

Procedures for respectful work

Preventing bullying and harassment

Policy and procedure

EQuality Training - Employment Rights and Responsibilities Programme PDF Employment Rights
     and Responsibilities

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At the heart of new duties is a need to increase individual’s involvement in order to reach greater effectiveness across all organisations by identifying and prioritising equality initiatives. The legislation requires employers to make adjustments in the workplace. But what is 'reasonable'? Understand how to recruit and retain diverse employees and to serve a wider group of customers.

• Understand the relevance of equality issues in all practice

• Including diverse strategies equally and powerfully in all policies

• Move from compliance to proactive change

• Challenge the status quo – personal and institutional

• Boost the involvement of all individuals

• Explore creative ways of flexible working

• Look at new work patterns, employee practices, job sharing and part-time working as positive means of providing equality of opportunity
  Happiness and Learning  
  Main Topics

Emotional literacy

Working with families

Thinking skills

Broaden-and-build theory

Emotional communication

Addressing disaffection

EQuality Training - Happiness and Learning Programme PDF Happiness and Learning

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Having a positive approach to learning and finding pleasure in developing personal skills does a lot more than make the activity enjoyable. Happiness literally unlocks creativity, enables flexibility of thought and allows openness to new information, all vital to motivation and making meaning.

Flourishing are underpinned by emotional health. Furthermore, certain issues are created by a lack of recognition and understanding of the part happiness plays in learning. Emotional needs as behavioural triggers are explored, and delegates learn to appreciate their own behaviour as a channel of human communication.
documents that will lead on better practice within their organisations.

• Understand the importance of happiness in learning and development: resilience and health

• Explore emotional intelligence, competence and literacy

• Highlight the importance of young people experiencing respect, high expectations, constructive feedback and clear limits

• Use listening skills to deepen understanding

• Support family involvement in order to gain parental expertise

• Move away from the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy towards a personalised approach to learning
  Equity and Wellbeing
  Main Topics

Legislative overview

Definitions of equity and wellbeing

Excellence in practice

Raising standards

Improving behaviour

EQuality Training - Equity and Wellbeing Programme PDF Equity and Wellbeing

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We know that the gap is growing between those who flourish and those who do not, and the implications of disadvantage deepen over time.

Designed to promote a clear understanding of the ideas underpinning current legislative change. Without question, current practice incorporates elements that support wellbeing however new imperatives demand that schools clearly demonstrate inequality across the board.

The duty to focus on wellbeing within the ‘Five Every Child Matters Outcomes’ is inspected by OFSTED. This programme allows practitioners to develop their understanding of the ideas underlying recent legislation and regulations and to develop excellence in practice without adding to their workload.

• Have a clear understanding of the ideas linking the Children’s Act, the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Guidance, The Children’s Plan and ECM

• Understand the nature and impact of underachievement

• Evaluate the delivery of wellbeing in current practice

• Explore ways of raising equality and fairness

• Make a positive difference to the life chances of all children in your care
  Enhanced Learning  
  Main Topics

Personalizing Learning

The learning journey

Respectful behaviour

Self esteem and resilience

Shared communication

Family partnerships
(Links to play – for early years)

EQuality Training - Enhanced Learning Programme PDF Enhanced Learning

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Despite recent advances, many children in the UK continue to underachieve. We look at strategies to personalise the learning journey, and understand learning to be a two-way process where responsibility is shared and in partnership.

Understanding the dynamic and multiple nature of intelligence underpins a growth model of learning. Building personal capacity comes from having the knowledge that enables the right decisions to be made within learning activities. Personalizing learning requires dialogue to explain and support the individual journey for each learner.

• Address the educational inequality that affects the life chances of every child

• Tackle underachievement and develop excellence in practice

• Promote high expectations, positive attitudes and encourage independence

• Encourage respectful behaviour and the growth of self esteem

• Gain strategies for improved participation and to manage disaffection
  Equality Policy and Procedures  
  Main Topics

Legislative background

Flexible and personalised policies

Responsive and effective procedures

Pro-action rather than compliance

Practice review cycle

EQuality Training - Equality Policy and Procedures Programme PDF Equality Policy and Procedures

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Participants are given opportunity to share good practice and develop further strategies to enhance the participation of marginalised groups. By moving from an attitude of compliance to a culture of proactive change organisations can ensure people are provided for with greater consideration.

With an understanding of the legislation, participants can begin to review and create new policy documents that will lead on better practice within their organisations.

• Secure a greater knowledge of the values underpinning equality legislation

• Understand what needs to be in your policies to address these imperatives

• Create policy documents that can support sustainable change

• Gain confidence regarding developing fair practice

• Understand social oppression, and the efficacy of positive contradiction in everyday situations
  Community Work  
  Main Topics

Understanding equality

Marginalised groups and the local backdrop

Consequences of inequality

Capacity and resilience

Reaching the hard to hear

Shared leadership

Multiagency approach

Planning for change

Cross-agency and multii-teams

EQuality Training - Community Work Programme PDF Community Work

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From an equality perspective this positive action based programme identifies the marginalised groups within the community and seeks to develop specific action to promote their inclusion. We suggest radical steps to achieving higher equity among stakeholders in order to change organisational culture, closing the gap between those who achieve and those who we continue to fail.

• Gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of equality

• Realise the effects of failing to put equality values into practice

• Share understanding of your own community and the marginalised groups within it

• Examine harmful stereotypes and prejudices that prevent participation

• Reach the ‘hard to hear’ groups

• Give leadership to stakeholders from all groups